Startup Guide

Features and Overview


  1. The mounting cover of Oculus Rift DevKit2
    It is the cover which made it possible to equip the front of Oculus Rift with a camera. The cover can do mounting and removal.
  2. The wide-angle lens united with Oculus Rift
    According to the 90-degree wide-angle lens of Oculus Rift, because the camera lens is set as 90 degrees, it looks more naturally.
  3. The high-speed frame rate and low delay data transfer
  4. Development tools of AR or tracking
  5. Support the development tool of Unity and Wizapply framework, etc.
    Even in the one worse at programming by a native language,
    supporting the powerful tool "Unity Pro" etc. to development so that Ovrvision can be used smoothly.
    It is not necessary to touch a programming language and I can start a camera.

Ovrvision technology

  • Interface Type, USB 2.0
  • Wide lens corresponding to the Oculus Rift lens
  • Image resolution, 1280 x 480 pixels (640 x 480)
  • 60fps fast speed
  • Data transfer : 0.06s
  • Lightweight design of the total weight of 55g or less
  • Only for the Oculus Rift DevKit 1

Play demo

VR figure demo


Industy demo


How to install

  • The focus of lens.
    It's adjusted to as clearly visible as contours of the image.
    The lens is very delicate, and please be careful of adjusting the lens.
  • The calibration of a stereo camera
    Included in OvrvisionSDK.
    Please do a calibration before use.

    How to use the calibration tool

How to use

Using the Visual Studio


How to develop for the Windows platform.

  1. Use the VisualStudio of Microsoft.
  2. OvrvisionSDK for Windows download here.
  3. The unzip folder has a sample project, and open it.
  4. The contents of the sample of VC are as the following picture. Please build.
  5. Execution requires "ovrvision.dll" and "OpenAL32.dll."
    Please use a file from the "bin" folder, copying.

Using the Xcode


How to develop for the Mac OSX platform.

  1. Use the Xcode of Apple.
  2. OvrvisionSDK for MacOSX download here.
  3. The unzip folder has a sample project, and open it.
  4. The contents of the sample of Xcode are as the following picture. Please build.

Using the Unity


How to develop for the Unity(Windows, Mac OSX and Linux).
SDK is available Windows and Mac OSX

  1. Use the Unity Pro.(Free version is not available because it can't be used the plugins.)
  2. OvrvisionSDK for Unity download here
  3. Import the Unity package file "ovrvision_unity_includeOVR.unitypackage" to the your project.
  4. Put the prefab in the "OvrvisionSDK" folder of "Assets" folder in to the scene.
  5. Put the camera object (OVRCameraRig) of "OVR" of "Assets" into the scene.
  6. Remove unnecessary camera object, if the object exists in the scene.
    You can execute the Ovrvision.
  7. And, when changing a setup of the Ovrvision, you can change from an editor.

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